WordPress widget to show WinCache statistics

Ruslan (http://ruslany.net), who is Program Manager for WinCache project, has been showing WinCache statistics on the right sidebar of his website for quite some time. Few weeks ago I decided to do the same but instead of editing theme source code and add the information there, I decided to write a standalone wordpress widget. Two days ago I finally wrote the widget which is aptly called wincache-stats. It shows statistics in a table format. First column of the table show cache type and number of entries in cache, second column show hit count and hit ratio and third column show miss count and miss ratio. It can be see in action on http://www.ksingla.net. I submitted the widget to wordpress.org yesterday and it has been approved. So this is available for download from wordpress.org here. If you want to look at the source code, you can see it here. Below is a snapshot of the wincache-stats widget.
You can choose what statistics to show in the wordpress admin interface. Picture below shows admin interface of wincache-stats widget.
I hope some of the WinCache users use this widget on their website to see WinCache usage and in the process, help us spread the word about WinCache. If you want to report a bug or request a feature, please leave a comment to this blog.