My name is Kanwaljeet Singla. I am Co-founder of a tech startup called Kenyt. Before Kenyt, I worked for Microsoft for 13+ years and Cisco for 1 year. My last title in Microsoft was Principal Group Engineering Manager.

I started my career at Cisco Systems in Bangalore where I worked on Cisco Emergency Responder and Cisco Call Manager. After working just for a year, I moved to Microsoft India in Hyderabad where I worked on VJ# .Net class library and compiler. After 2.5 years in J# team, I moved to IIS team in Microsoft US where I worked on variety of core IIS features like compression, custom errors, caching, web deploy, security modules, configuration system, fastcgi, wincache, APC, PHP installers etc. In 2010 I moved back to Microsoft India in Hyderabad and started working on Bing weather, health and sports verticals. A year later I moved to AppEx team where I headed the dev team which built Bing sports apps for windows tablet, windows phone, Android, iOS and web (msn.com). After couple of years on Sports, I took over MSN Finance and Health & Fitness verticals too and shipped multiple releases of web app and iOS/windows/android apps for all 3 verticals. I was heading a team of 80 software engineers.

On the personal front, I am married and live with my wife and 2 kids in Hyderabad, India. I grew up in Chandigarh, India where my parents currently live. I have bachelors degree from IIS Roorkee and masters degreee from University of Washington. I majored in computer science in both my bachelors and masters.

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  1. Hello!
    I see you’re in IIS team, so maybe you can help me to find a solution. I’ve posted my question on iis.net—http://forums.iis.net/t/1164492.aspx, but unfortunately there are no answers yet.
    I’m working for Helicon Tech company. Perhaps you’ve heard about ISAPI_Rewrite or Helicon Ape. 
    Please help me to find a solution or a workaround.
    Thank you very much for your time!

  2. hello dear, i hope both of you are well there in usa,
    you can approve this comment or can delete this.
    i just want to wish you best of luck for your career and happy married life.
    i am here as i want to know from you this thing.
    i can see flickr photos at the bottom of this page, as you are using wordpress and photos open in lightbox in the same page, so will you plz tell me how u did that and which plugin u used to do this, i want to do the same for my flickr profile also on my blog http://www.vaseemansari.com/blog/
    vaseem ansari
    new delhi
    Software Developer

  3. I have XAMMP installed on my workstation and I also have Visual Studio 2010 install on Windows 7 Ultimate.  I also have SQL 2008 R2 installed.  I have used Xampp for years and would like to know if this will work with the PHP for Visual Studio applications?  Can I edit php files there?  I also have DreamWeaver CS4 installed, so I am wondering what to use to create an application that uses PHP and C#.
    Actually I need to know if you have to used SQL with our developing for php and c# aplications.  Xampp works fine for me but it uses MySQL.  I use Dream Weaver as my GUI when writing code in php and it also includes the capabilities to write code in C#.  Therefore I was wondering if this could be used instead of Visual Studio or if I can point Visual Studio to MySQL.  The process discribed to get php to work listed on the Web Platform page is an extensive and confusing process.

  4. Hi Kanwaljeet,
    Satish Garimella asked me to give feedback on a venture you were involved in called Olivo.
    Do you have a few minutes to talk about it?


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