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After spending more than 13+ years working for Microsoft (14+ including 1 year at Cisco), I have decided to test some uncharted waters. Even though I was enjoying working for Microsoft, I had few ideas which I wanted to evaluate and it was unlikely that Microsoft will be willing to take bets on those. So I left Microsoft couple of months ago and have started my own company Kenyt.

Problem I have decided to work on is to make it easy for people to make decisions starting with shopping decisions. We live in era of umpteen choices and as the number of choices increase it is getting harder and harder to pick one out. Google is great tool but it is making decisions harder because there is tremendous amount of information (not knowledge) in front of you to go through. Customers are spending days and weeks trying to zero-in on a product or service. As per a research study done in USA, consumers are spending average of 70 days researching before they finalize a which product to buy. All this is completely taking fun out of shopping. Even after all this consumers are not sure if they have made write choice.

Kenyt’s goal is to make all this pain go away. We believe that consumers need clean/trustworthy data first to narrow down on choices and then need social validation in terms of reviews, expert advice, and what friends has to say. Kenyt has started with first pillar of clean and trustworthy data and to that end, we have released our first version of the android app on play store.

Here is what we are doing to provide meaningful insights to consumers. Our engineĀ is collecting the data from multiple sources, cleaning it, conflating data from all sources and then extract useful knowledge. We have exposed knowledge like what typical specs you can get for a price which can help you decide your budget, how a brand is positioned in a particular price range, how each feature in a product stack against other products you are evaluating etc. Few useful tools are also included like ability to reject (many times consumers know what they don’t want but not what they want), merging multiple variations like different colors together so that you don’t see same product again and again, side by side comparison of any number of products and session management so that you can carry on with your research when you come back next time. Please download the app and give it a try and do share your feedback.

I have been thinking about blogging ever since I moved back to India in 2010 but for some reason or other never got to it. I am very excited to bring my blog back to life. I am going to share lot of thoughts on entrepreneurship and technology. Stay tuned for more.


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