GenSCode updated to help use AhAdmin in C#, JavaScript

As promised in my previous post, I updated genscode tool to provide intellisense for AhAdmin code in C# and JavaScript. GenSCode now accepts an optional codetype switch which can be AhAJavaScript to help use AhAdmin in JavaScript, AhACSharp to help use AhAdmin in C# or MWACSharp (which is the default value) to ease using MWA in C#. Click here to download the updated tool.

Usage: genscode [/codetype:<value>] <schemaFilePath> [<sectionName>]
       /codeType switch is optional. Value can be AHAJavaScript | AHACSharp | MWACSharp [Default]
       <sectionName> is optional. If omitted, code is generated for all sections defined in schema file

With this you now have AppcmdUI to help write appcmd commands, genscode to help use MWA and also AhAdmin in your code. Last thing I want to do is make it easy to use IIS WMI provider. Lets see what can I come up with.


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